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Danielle is originally from Canada but currently lives and works in St. Louis, Missouri. Though an artist for most of her life, in 2003 she found her niche in large-scale monochromatic portraits.

The artist and her work are available for gallery showings and custom work by request.


Using a photo she creates a monochromatic painting (shades and values of one color, ie. blacks/greys/white, brown/tans/white for sepia tone). Minimum photo size 4" x 6". Digital images are acceptable. Color paintings are available upon special request.

Paintings can range in size from 8" x 10" to upwards of 60" x 72".

Canvas styles are limited by their size. Gallery mounted canvas (generally 1-3/8" thick with no staples showing on the sides) is used for all canvases unless requested otherwise. Studio mounted canvases (generally 3/4" thick with staples showing on sides) can be used for any size up to 30" x 40" (special request only).


Pricing is dependant upon canvas size and detail required. All pricing is subject to the outcome of the initial consultation. Canvas size chosen is dependant upon photo used and style requested. Pricing available upon request.


Shipping is not included in prices quoted. All artwork is shipped via FedEx or UPS unless otherwise requested. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the client. Insurance is strongly recommended. Handling and packaging (H & P) rates are 20% of final total.


Copyright of the image itself remains that of the original photographer.
Copyright of the work in its interpretation as a painting - ie. the painting itself - remains with Danielle.


Mazi Glider & MiL0 Kate Winslet Albert Einstein Children Beyonce Don Eve Ensler Rachel Karen
Jordana Brian Shawn Porter Shawn and Soozie Shawn Porter Keith Mask Corset Kiss Figure
Johnny Rock Itt Curly Bella Vita Monica Dita Christina Curled Up Over Over Over
Back Foetus Woman Dreaming Woman Drowning Woman Kerchief Woman Man Woman Phone Woman Screaming Woman Tear Woman White Shirt
Shhh Joan Dave-and-Alex Girl Kevin Ashlynn in her Dress Kurt Cobain Ashlynn Joan Goth Jeff
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